Students 2018, second group

On this page the students of the Vyšší Odborna Škola (VOŠ) in Most will describe their experiences in Meppel during their stay from 2 till 29 May 2018.


1 March

We met some boardmembers of the foundation towntwinning Meppel-Most and we attended a guestlesson at our school in Most.



2 May

At 14.00 we arrived in Meppel, we walked trough the city and we got our bikes. In the evening the foundation towntwinning Meppel-Most offered us a meal in Herberg 't Plein


3 May

It was our first day of internship. We went to the Reggersoord to get to know the place where we will work.


5 May

In the morning we went with Hetty to Zwolle. At first we went shopping and after that we went to the Liberty festival.



                 Festival was very crowded but we enjoyed it. We saw a lot of dutch musicers.

10 May
It was Ascension day so we didn't work. We went on our bikes on a ride through the city and we discovered some nice places.


12 May

In the morning we went with Bart and Janet by train to Amsterdam. We did a one hour canaltrip by boat. It was nice. We could see a lot of monuments. After boat trip we walked to Dam Square and to Anne Frank house. Then we went to lunch. After lunch we've got some time for shopping. When we've got a lot of souvenirs we took the tram and went to the Museum square. We took some photos with the sign "I Amsterdam" and then we walked to the pizzerie. On our way to pizzerie we saw some museums and some other monuments. We came back to Meppel at 20:00. It was amazing trip and we really enjoyed it!






Our internship in Reggersoord

In our department, there was 13 patients. This department is for people who needs long term care so patients are still the same. When we learned how we can work with them, then we could work alone. Working with patients was hard because they don't speak english but we was trying to communicate different way, for example by using our hands. We think that it is useful for us. We lerned how to work with new machines. Co-workers was very kind, they always helped us when we needed it.


17 May
We have an opportunity to visit a show in Meppels theatre Ogterop. We saw show named A simple space. It was about seven acrobats who push their physical limits without reserve. It was breathtaking!


18 May
For weekend we have to changed our "home". We were in little house with a nice garden. Our time here we very ennjoyed even the weather wasn't so nice.


21 May
We went to The Hague with Bart, Janet, HarmJan and Rika. We walked througt the city and we visited Panorama Mesdag. The Panorama was incredible, we never saw something like that. Then we went by tram to Scheveningen, there we have a free time. Sea was very cold so we just put our feet in it. On our way back the train broke, it wasn't nice because we came back to Meppel very late. But despite of this accident, we enjoyed this trip.


28 May
We had our presentation in Townhall and we recived our certificates. We were little bit nervous. But it was good.





Link to ceremony handover certificates:!/meppel/20180528_1


Personal evaluations:

I really enjoyed my time in Netherlands. This internship gave me a lot. I can't describe how much I liked it. I saw so many new things. I had an opportunity to get to know healthcare of another country and I am thankful for this. I believe that my english is better now. I am glad that I could be here.


On my internship in Holland I will never forget. I am glad that I had this opportunity. I hope that this opportunity will have a lot of others students. Not only that I could get to know how they care about patients but also I could get to know their culture. Our trips were amazing. I am grateful to have experienced it. It was a big enjoyment and I thanks for that.